Ailments can be treated effectively, only if properly diagnosed. As the treatment approach in Ayurveda is strictly individualistic, the treatment of the same disease varies from person to person. Hence along with the disease itself, the diseased person should also be thoroughly assessed.  There is no common medicine for a disease. The medicine changes from person to person for the same disease. The determination of the medication, its potency, dose, time of administration etc should be appropriate to the bodily imbalances, strength & stage of the disease, and the digestion. Very subtle are the variation in different states of body constitutions, drugs, regions, time, strength, digestive activity, food, tastes, accustoms, mental makeup, constitution, age etc. the consideration of which will lead to best treatment outcome.

 On the other hand, it is also important to assess health in a normal person to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Our doctor consultation process involves:

1. Body Type Analysis
2. Analysis of Body Imbalances & Disease pathology
3. Prescription of Herbs & Medications
4. External Therapies & Detoxes
5. Lifestyle modification – Daily Regimens, Seasonal Routines & Dietetics


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