Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program divided into 3 phases that are cleansing the digestive system, dietary plans and enema administration.


After going through your medical history & Ayurveda analysis, past medical records & examinations the following program is recommended to you to create balance in Fire & Water:


Panchakarmas are the ultimate mind-body healing experience that detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, and restores balance and well-being. These are natural, safe, gentle, scientifically proven cleansing procedures that eliminate stored toxins and ignite the body’s self- healing ability. There are 5 profound Ayurvedic Cleansing treatments that thoroughly cleanse the entire system at Cellular levels. These cleansing procedures use natural gateways of the body to eliminate toxins thru natural urges of the body. These comprehensive procedures detoxify the organs like liver, gall bladder, colon, sinuses at a deeper level and help us to attain a physiological balance. It not only cleanses the body but also the mind as well by helping us to release emotional toxins thus enhances our peak performance.


The necessity of Panchakarma:

According to Ayurveda, our body produces “Ama” is a sticky, toxic residue created from undigested food particles and other waste materials when our digestive powers are weak. Accumulation of ama in our cells and tissues is considered the underlying cause of disease and illness. Ama clogs the body's circulation channels, preventing the healthy flow of energy and information throughout the system. Best Advised Panchakarma is Virechana (Digestive Cleansing). Toxins are harmful substances which on the long run have a detrimental effect on our body Cells. It includes foods additives, heavy metals, pesticides, environmental Toxins etc...

Our Medically Designed Tailor-made Detoxification Program is customized to individual needs; it aims to detoxify the body naturally, strengthens the organs & creates a balance in our body Bio-Energies. Also focuses on nutritional fortification for the important organs like the liver, lungs, and kidneys.


Details about the Treatment:

Virechana or Purging is a powerful yet safe & scientific method of cleansing the Digestive system. Virechana is a process of eliminating the Toxins through purgation. Over centuries, purging has been an important purification method to remove toxins from the gut, not only in the past but until now it’s been used as an important aid to remove ingested poisons & toxins. Virechana is a comprehensive purification method. The uniqueness of virechana is, it cleanses the whole digestive system including impurities in liver, stomach, intestines & colon. Unlike Enema & Colon cleansing which only cleanses the colon & rectum.

It involves 3 steps, each step lasts for 3 days :

  1. Digestive & Liver Cleansing Phase
  2. Ghee Drinking (Dislodging the toxins & lubrication the gut)
  3. Abhyangam (Bringing the toxins from all over the body to the gut)


STEP -I: Digestive & Liver Cleansing

Duration: 3 to 7 days

The liver is said to be the ‘Chemical factory of Body’ whatever the preservatives or food colours we eat in the day, our liver has to metabolize it & eliminate it out of the system. Liver treats about 1,300 ml of blood per minute, thereby acting as the body's "garbage disposal. Thus liver cleansing is an important aspect of virechana where the person has to take Liver Detoxifier Herbs for 3 consecutive days and follow an Organic Dosha based Diet regime (A semi-soft boiled cooked food) as prescribed by the Ayurvedic Physician which includes fruits, soups, porridge etc.


STEP-II: Drinking Ghee - Dissolving/Breaking down the Toxins

Duration: 8-12 Hours

This is the most crucial phase of the detox in which clarified medicated butter (Ghee) is given orally to lubricate the gut and dislodge the toxins. Ghee is a universal solvent as it acquires the property of any herbs processed with it. It also is a higher viscous fluid than water, it flows in the gut gradually to lubricate every part of digestive tract & is passed out with the bowels. It not only lubricates the gut but also acts as an important cleansing agent & carrier of herbs mixed in it. The medicated ghee is prescribed based on a person’s medical history & Bodily Constitutions for e.g. for Skin problems is neem processed ghee and for memory loss is gingko based ghee.

STEP-III: Abhyangam 

On the final day, the person must come to the centre on an empty stomach early in the morning for detoxification. The process starts with Abhyangam (full Body massage) which enables to loosen & bring leftover toxins to the gut. After the Abhyangam, The Ayurveda physician will observe all the important vital signs (Blood pressure, blood glucose, pulse, and weight) & then prescribe the herbal cleanser, to be consumed orally based on individual’s weight & health condition. The herbal cleanser is a combination of freshly prepared herbs, plant fibre & honey. After consuming the herbal cleanser. The person is advised to drink water at least 1 glass of warm water every 15 Mins. and walk around until the medicine gets digested. Once the medicine is digested the person will feel an urge to go purge. In the beginning, the stools will be a bit darker & as the person keeps drinking water and purge at regular intervals the stools will become clearer & watery. Thus, the process of detoxification is complete. To avoid the person from being dehydration, rehydration salts are given orally every 1 hour & vitals are observed at regular intervals.


Important Guidelines


During the Detox: 

First 3 - 5 days you might feel a little tired & exhausted due to lack of carbs. Also, may get a headache during the first day in the evening (a sign of liver utilising glycogen/cleansing). Advised to drink water to avoid that after every 15 – 30 mins.

During Ghee Days:

This is the most important part of detox. Ghee is chosen based on the medical condition and individual body constitution. The ghee doesn’t stay in the body and generally eliminates out with bowels. It acts as a cleanser and carrier of the herbs dissolved in it. It dislodges the toxins present in the gut so that they can be easily evacuated out.

  • During the ghee drinking days, you might feel slight discomfort in the stomach, uneasiness, drowsy, the taste of ghee during belches and loose stool with the presence of ghee.
  • Don’t worry body is processing ghee being eliminated. Remember whatever amount of medicated ghee we drink, comes out unchanged and doesn’t remain in the body.
  • Some people may have loose bowels during the Ghee Days.
  • The body may feel very tired and pain and aches may be aggravated or there might be some headache or migraine.
  • Don’t eat until you are very hungry.
  • Keep drinking hot water so that Ghee doesn’t freeze in the body.

 *Ghee Digestion Signs: The body feels light with heaviness in the head subsiding when you feel hungry, thirsty when your burp doesn’t smell of the ghee.


On the day of Cleansing (Purging Day-Last day of Detox)

One must come completely on an EMPTY STOMACH early in the morning. Remember its best to start the detox process as early as possible. For people who are on diabetic or hypertension medication, they must bring all the pills to the centre so that can be given at the time appointed.

On the day of the Final Detox, during the Therapeutic Purging, you will pass stool along with toxins. But in some cases, cleansing begins to occur in the 5th or 6th day only. Hence, they might not have to go to the toilet on the last day or might go once or twice. The number of times one goes to the toilet depends on the amount of toxins in one’s body, ranging from 0 - 5 - 10 or more.

Some may get a headache, nausea, and a vomiting sensation on the final day. But you need to know that it is a part of cleansing. Ayurvedic Detox and treatments could directly or indirectly result in minor adverse effects to the body during or after the procedure which may include, but not restricted to headache, vomiting, dehydration, allergy, dizziness, light-headedness, dizziness, loose stools and fatigue during or after the treatment.


Other important guidelines during DETOX

  • Don’t indulge in strenuous activities during virechana (Like excessive Driving, Playing, physical intimacy).
  • Keep yourself calm and avoid the unpleasant emotional stimulus. 
  • Avoid extreme heat and cold temperature.
  • During detox, you are advised to rest but avoid sleeping during day time.
  • Don’t wake until late nights.
  • During the ghee, drinking days don’t eat anything until you feel hungry or the ghee burp subsides. Keep drinking warm water and note the time when ghee burp subsides.
  • Please be positive and thank daily for everything we have.
  • Don’t suppress urges, evacuate bowels at proper timings.
  • Keep away from the cold wind, dew, rain, smoke, mist, and sun.
  • Don’t think much or use more mental energy.
  • Don’t sit for a long time or walk long distances.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, spices, chillies, alcohol, wine, cola.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Do not indulge in physically or emotionally strenuous activity.
  • Rice porridge can be consumed if very weak or hungry.




After the Detox, you will be given a diet to abide for the next 20 days, depending on how many times you had to visit the toilet. A Powder Massage with Herbs preceded by an oil massage will be done on your body from 7 to 14 days, depending on your body’s necessity. The herbs used in the powder and oil form are picked to be used for your body type to procure the best results. This therapy exfoliates like a scrub, breaks cellulite, depletes fat, strengthens the muscles, removes impurities, dead skin cells and stimulates circulation. This prepares the body for further oil treatments in a revitalization program. The therapy strokes are done upwards and against the hair follicles.



Depending upon whether required or not, along with the Herbal Powder Massage there will be an administration of a Medicated Vasti. For more details, you may talk to our consultants.


  • Every human body is different; hence the amount of weight loss differs from person to person.
  • Weight loss depends on the individual’s perseverance to abide by the rules, diet, exercise and the consultant’s advice.
  • T.O.R.C.H is copyrighted. 


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