Joint Care Program


Aching in the joints is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. The pain in the joints can be attributed to a ton of factors. For example, knee pain can be caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis, infection, dislocated kneecap and tendonitis to name a few. The severity of the pain depends on the disorder and environment and may vary from person to person.

Few common symptoms may include unbearable pain in joints, tenderness, stiffness, locking and sometimes an effusion. Joint pain treatment therapies with current conventional medicine typically focus on pain reduction and control of inflammation.

Ayurvedic Treatments are usually threefold –

  1. Avoiding the causative factor/s
  2. Diet and lifestyle modifications
  3. External Treatments
  4. Herbs to take internally

With a brief consultation, the practitioners will try to understand the history behind your aches and pains. Either one of two protocols will be taken depending on the reason behind your joint pains.


TYPE 1 - Poorly nourished joints accompanied by cracking sounds and if it is not taken proper care it can result in eventual immobilization of the joints. When the bone fails to get the nourishment that it requires, it can start to get degenerating. 

TYPE 2 - Accumulation of unhealthy toxins and Free Radicals makes the joint stiff and heavy. If the toxins stay there for a long time it can result in swollen and painful joints


When Sauda gets aggravated, the first type of joint pain can occur. Your ability to absorb food, circulation and metabolism gets weak. The bone tissue fails to receive enough nourishment and eventually degenerates. The imbalance in Sauda and the weakened circulation, metabolism and absorption create a drying effect on Balgham (it governs the lubrication of the joints). When this happens, the joints are not sufficiently lubricated, and this creates discomfort, cracking sound, and diminished flexibility.

Before any main procedure of purification, there is a need to prepare the body.  So that the body can be properly detoxified, and the best results can be achieved. This is what is meant by improving the metabolism. These are basically meant for the elimination of toxins.


Digestive Cleansing

This is a way of kindling the digestive fire by the:

  1. Stimulation of the Vagus nerve.
  2. Stimulation of the glossopharyngeal nerve.
  3. Stimulation of fundus and pylorus.

The bitter taste of herbs promotes the production of gastric juices and facilitate digestion. These herbs sensitize oral taste receptors and thus facilitating saliva secretion.  They also induce gastrin secretion, a hormone which stimulates hydrochloric acid secretion.


Liver Cleansing

  1. Stimulation of Vagus nerve which in turn secretes gastric juice.
  2. Stimulates duodenum which leads to the secretion of digestive enzymes & hormones
  3. Stimulates liver to secrete bile
  4. Stimulates pancreas to secrete pancreatic juice


After this, the individual is subjected to mild purgative which helps clear the gut and improve the digestion and metabolism. It also clears the toxins accumulated in the gut and gets rid of free radicals. Depending on individual needs, different treatments may be recommended for you which includes:


  1. Lepa
    Powders of dry herbs which alleviate pain are made into a paste and applied to the affected joint. This paste is allowed to stay in place for a prescribed period of time or until the paste starts to dry.


  1. Vasty
    This treatment is done by pouring medicated oil and allowing it to pool for a fixed duration of time in a compartment constructed around the joint.


  1. Pichu
    A large piece of cotton or sterile gauze is dipped in medicated oil and kept over the knee joint. It is left in place for a prescribed duration.


  1. Hot fomentation
    This procedure induces elimination of toxins via the skin where the cells get activated and flush out the toxins. Here, the cellular metabolism improves, and we feel light. It enables free circulation of blood thereby relieving pain, stiffness and swelling.


  1. Enema
    Enema is said to be the best treatment for unhealthy Sauda which is related to painful conditions. Enema strengthens the joints and soft tissues, rejuvenates health, aids faster healing and prevent a recurrence. Frequently, constipation and accumulation of gases in the belly is the cause for joint pain which can be relieved by enemas.


The last leg of our treatment for Joint pains includes - Exercises and Physiotherapy which plays an Integral Part of our Integrated approach to healing. Many conditions are stubborn and do not surrender just to pain-relieving medicines. They need to be approached and addressed with a multi-dimensional approach. The treatment options available in Ayurveda as discussed are useful in combating joint and bone disorders.

 All the above treatments are not needed at once but may be needed at different stages. Each treatment has a different purpose and should be administered skillfully. The choice and combinations of treatments are left purely to the brilliance and judgement of the Physician.

 Ailments that we specialise in treating –

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Partial tear or Injury of ACL or PCL
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Bursitis

DURATION: 7 days to 14 days depending on the severity and necessity


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