As a health system, Ayurveda is quite unique and has a wholesome approach towards well-being. It does not tell apart preventative and curative aspects of health.

This means that well-being is never seen as something bodily alone, but incorporates environmental, mental and spiritual life to remove the root cause of any disease and achieve the balance in an individual. Thought to have been revealed to the sages of the Himalayas 5,000 years ago, many historians claim that it predates even ancient Egyptian medicine.

Ayurveda can help us:

 Sync up with our truest inner nature
 Honor and develop our strengths
 Hone in on our challenge areas
 Redirect detrimental tendencies
 Maintain balance in the face of adversity


Theory of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not simply about taking herbal formulas and waiting for the results. Instead, Ayurveda encourages you to be an active participant in your own journey toward healing. This involves learning about your relationship with the elements and the unique combinations they create called Body Constitutions. The theory of Ayurveda understands the five elements as the root cause of existence, an ideology common to all traditional practices of Medicine.

The five elements appear in different combinations in each of us and form our unique individuality. They work in combination to form the Three Body Constitution system, including:

 Sauda, representing ether and air
 Safra, representing fire and water
 Balgham, representing water and earth

Your Ayurvedic doctor acts as a guide to help you bring those elements that you lack by restructuring your lifestyle. Every course of Ayurvedic treatment begins with an in-depth personal examination, or Prakruti analysis, to identify the exact balance of elements ruling your body and mind. With personal attention from our Ayurvedic therapy team, you can be sure of a transformative retreat experience based on the perfection on health.


Ayurveda’s Definition of Health

Health is a state in which the mind, soul, and senses interact harmoniously to experience a feeling of Self-wellness and bliss. Achieving this may seem like a lofty goal, but Ayurveda provides a treasure chest of elegant and insightful tools to help us get there.



Before you learn how Ayurveda can help you, you must first learn how to see yourself from an Ayurvedic perspective. The first step is to understand some key Ayurvedic principles, lenses through which Ayurveda views the universe.

These Ayurveda basics are foundational tools for:

 Interpreting the laws of nature
 Identifying various states of health or imbalance
 Charting a course toward improved well-being

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