Legacy of Healing

Istana Ayur is one of the traditional & complementary medicine division of Maju Healthcare Sdn.Bhd. Maju Healthcare believes that traditional & complementary medicine should be integrated with modern medical treatments to bring the most benefit to the community. Traditional medicine holds certain benefits that are not available in modern medical procedures. Therefore, both forms of medical systems (traditional medicine and modern medicine) should work hand in hand. Traditional medicine systems are making a comeback around the world, with people turning to natural remedies instead of factory produced chemical medicines to treat their ailments.

Istana Ayur, an ayurvedic centre whose treatments are based on the ancient medical system originating from India. Istana Ayur was founded on 1st September 2018 with the aim of providing a systematic approach to the community towards healing in order to help them live a quality life of health & longevity. We strive to give the best treatments to our patients at affordable costs despite it being an “Istana”. From our medications to the way our therapists are trained, all our procedures and protocols are designed to be fit for a KING and QUEEN which is only available at the Palace of Ayurveda.


"My experience was wonderful. Everything about Istana Ayur feels premium and luxurious, but also authentic and grounded. This is a place of deep healing and would recommend to anyone looking for a more holistic way to bring your body back into blissful balance."

-Ms. Fatimah Habib

"A good ambience, very warm and welcoming environment. The doctor is kind and explained things well. I’m very happy and looking forward to visiting again."

-Mr. Arul Anathan

"Simply magical! When you walk in the staff was so welcoming, the atmosphere was calm and peaceful. I really enjoyed it! Thank you for professional treatments, Istana Ayur! I will definitely be back!"

-Ms. Vivian Tan


Goals towards society


The approach to Healthcare is through unnecessary medication. We want to emphasize on the Principle of Self Healing.


Healing is a two-way street - you and us. The combined effort leads to prevention.


We share the knowledge of a Traditional approach to Healing.

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